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Strategic Planning is at the heart of what we do. Before approaching any brief, we must fully understand the product, the marketplace, the audience before thinking about how best to effectively communicate with them.


The creative solution empowers the message. Focused on practical and economical solutions it must always be effective. Powerful creatives not only strengthen the message but can also reduce the weight of media requirement. We believe great ideas, creatively executed, deliver results.


The ever evolving digital space offers up enormous potential. The skill is in knowing which discipline best suits your needs. Within our digital department we have a skillset of specialising in all aspects of digital from design, Social Media, PPC, SEO and Display.


The focus is on buying the right media at the right price. In an advertising media world, recognising the most effective solution and guaranteeing the best available rates is the key to delivery on the client’s goals. The media solution is intertwined with the creative solution which itself is a product of quality planning. These disciplines must work together in an integrated team structure.


Direct Marketing, Event Management, CRM and Guerilla Marketing are not fringe activities, they are an integral part of the complete marketing package. In Focus these are services developed concurrent with the media, creative and digital arms of the programme.

Account Management

Having a full suite of marketing services under one roof is only half the recipe. It is the management and integration of these services into the strategic plan that holds the key to a successful programme. Client service is the single most important link in any client agency relationship.